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Review POMP King 2

Review POMP King 2

Hello everyone, finally back and with great strength, starting a very prosperous 2015 and of course loaded with news, and to start this year, the first entry I bring something very juicy and very interesting and it is the review of the smartphone POMP King 2. A mobile that I have been able to squeeze for a while, and I have been able to enjoy its wonderful operation.

Thank You will liberate for the transfer of the Pomp king 2 so that one of the editors of iMobilize have been able to enjoy it and review it.

As you can see in the photo, it is a smartphone that has a nice and elegant designVery easy to handle, it adapts well to the touch and to mobile phone cases. But now let’s go with the characteristics that are these:

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POMP King 2 Features

This good mobile from the low cost range has a quad core processor Mediatek MT6589 brand with a clock speed of 1.2 Ghz, supported by a 1 Gb RAM and 4 Gb of internal storage expandable via microSD slot. A battery somewhat short of 1700 mAh. Some specifications very to the order of the day.


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Media Formats:





How can you appreciate POMP King 2 It is the most complete, if it should be noted, I can highlight that 8 megapixel front camera, which takes some very, very acceptable photos and videos. Here you have a photo I took today, and you can see the quality.

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Another thing that I have been able to verify with this mobile is the ease of use thanks to its Android 4.2 system. POMP King 2, It has a very simple interface, and its touch screen is the most reliable. You can even have several applications open at the same time or several windows and it will work perfectly.


Their 5 inch screen They make it very accessible to any hand as it fits perfectly and does not bother in pockets or bags or anything. If there is one bad thing to highlight about the mobile, it may be that it could be a little thinner, but even so this does not pose any problem.

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Price and where to buy it

And to top it all, we have to the mobile costs 188 euros and you will have a 20% discount when you buy it. So honestly, it’s a smartphone bargain for how it works, what it does, and its features. I wouldn’t think twice. POMP King 2 it is a smartphone that pays off.

So to acquire it you just have to click here: Liberaris store link and this piece of smartphone will be yours.

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