Resero 9 allows us to reduce the size of notifications in iOS 9

Logically, once a new jailbreak has been relaunched, not without controversy as we informed you yesterday with the problems of certain users who claim have suspicious activity on your Apple-related accounts used to complete the processIn addition to updating the settings we have, new settings are coming to the alternative Cydia application store.

One of the latest that has just landed is the free tweak called Resero 9, a tweak that Allows you to reduce the size of the notification banner that we receive on our devices, giving us a tighter size that does not take up as much space on our screen, something very annoying when we create an application or game.

Every time we receive a notification, be it a message, an email, a reminder, a calendar appointment… Apple shows us a banner at the top of the screen, a new way to display notifications that came with the release of iOS 7. This banner has always been too big, being very intrusive and annoying. Fortunately, if we are jailbreak users, we can change its size using the Resero 9 tweak.

Once we install Resero 9, once we install the tweak, which has no configuration, it will come into function and start show us the notification in a much smaller size than the current one, more or less a third of the current one. What this tweak really does is that we display all the notifications we receive in the top status bar, where the time is displayed, the connections we have active…

Shepherd 9 allows us to quickly dismiss the notification and continue using our device, just click on the notification without having to wait for the predefined time to end so that it is removed from our screen if we do not want to interact with it. Resero 9 is compatible with most apps that send notifications, not just native iOS ones.

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