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Replica, the best AirPlay app now compatible with Tesla

Replica, the best AirPlay app now compatible with Tesla

On countless occasions we have talked about Replica, an application for iOS that allows us the possibility of performing screen mirroring, which is usually known as AirPlay in the Apple environment, with any type of device, compatible with the main televisions and multimedia centers of the world. market.

Now Tiago, its developer, has informed us that Replica is even compatible with Tesla vehicles, can you think of a better app for your iPhone? In our Telegram channel we are going to distribute daily annual subscription codes for Replica, you can’t miss it.

Replica App Compatibility

Replica is compatible with Google Chromecast TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung, LG, Sony, PlayStation, Philips, Toshiba, Tesla, and any device with a modern web browser (Safari, Chrome, or Edge).

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In our video on the iPhone News channel at the beginning of the year we tested the application to tell you how it works, although it is an outdated version of Replica, you can get more or less an idea of ​​​​how well it works, although the performance and ease of use are now much more optimized.

To mirror or mirror your iPhone or iPad screen in any browser like Safari, Chrome or even on TV you must follow the following steps:

  1. open the app
  2. Allows access to the local network and Bluetooth when asked
  3. Click at the bottom where it says “other devices”
  4. Go to the web browser where you will play and enter the page indicated on the Replica screen
  5. Start the stream on the iPhone and it will start quickly
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In addition, with Fire devices it connects automatically just by entering a code and the user interface has improved significantly compared to our first analysis, so we recommend that you take a look and stay tuned, we will give away the odd subscription on our social networks like Twitter .