Rell is the new champion of League of Legends


  • Rell is the new champion of League of Legends
  • Rell's skills

Riot Games recently revealed to the public Rellthe new champion of League of Legends come with the patch 10:25 a.m.. The character, also known as Iron Maiden, has some interesting skills related to metal handling.

Rell is the new champion of League of Legends

Noxus has a problem: it's not just Demacia's penchant for nationalists, the looming threat of the Black Mist, or the growing number of demons on Runeterra. We are talking about a problem that affects you much more closely. And she has a iron character.

Mordekaiser is unavoidable and Noxus must stop at nothing to defeat him.

But what will this determination lead to? They are truly willing to put aside all ethical principles to build a definitive weapon? What if this weapon turned against them?

Rell is the answer to that question and Noxus is not ready.

The team revealed that when they started working on Rell, they had two basic ideas: A reservoir it's a support the champion with a dark soul. It's not Exactly enough to create a character, so the next step was to turn to the artists.

Senior artist Justin Albers reported that they liked the idea of ​​being able to create a support which covered the tank role. Albers said it's over now long time since the last time who had created one, in Braum's time.

Unlike the latter, however, the team wanted this new champion to have a pass it's a darker personalities. They looked at several options, but all were determined to want retain metal handling item. At this point, they just had to decide where Rell came from and what his might be. basic skills.

Rell's skills

Game designer Stash Chelluck revealed that he wanted Rell to be the the most powerful tank ever seen. She had this idea for a character in heavy armor who makes the ground he walks on shake, shattering the ground beneath him with his immense power.

Unfortunately, these were difficult aspects to translate to League and they also had to be careful to stick with the theme of metal manipulation. As such, they looked for ways to integrate his ferromancy powers into gameplay and give players the feel of a powerful champion who deals a lot of damage, without making her look like a witch.

They wanted Rell to look like a tank, so by creating his armor – made of metal – they wanted to make sure that his supreme power was clear. For this reason, the metal part of his armor is massive and dark, and to compensate, they gave him a suit-like silhouette.

Rell created his armor using ferromancy and acts as a sort of cmagnetic ampere which allows him to check the metal hidden in the ground, the one it touches directly or any other person who approaches it. What He can not instead, it's about hitting individuals hundreds of meters away on the battlefield.

VFX artist Kyle Valentin revealed that when he started working on the character, he didn't know how give clear effects to ferromancy. After experimenting with different effects and forms of light manipulation, Valentin created something that seemed unique and suited to Rell: thechromatic aberration.

By focusing on the color distortion, the artist managed to make it appear that the light bends differently around Rell when he casts his skills. Also, by adding its signature colors, the YELLOW and the redthis effect recalls the element of anger present in his personality.

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