Redtel attacks management entities

And the series Redtel VS management entities continues, initially the group of operators declared that it was not in its business to apply too restrictive measures, which caused a breakdown in negotiations between the association and the various management entities, with SGAE at the head.

Well, now those at Redtel have decided to free their language. They accuse the aforementioned entities, saying that the Agreement was impossible because consensus was not reached on two key issues. Firstly, the obligation to offer attractive legal content which discourages « piracy » and secondly, the efforts of SGAE and others to cut off ADSL.

gutterpresident of Redtel, also stated that the supply of legal digital content in our country is ridiculous and that in the absence of this quality content, they have no guarantee that their investments will be profitable, because the consumer has no incentive to rent more speed.

Now let's see where the Spanish executive is going, which first gave its full support, without conditions, to the SGAE mafiosi, and now they're trying to go backsince on the one hand the ADSL operators say that what is proposed is nonsense and on the other hand Sarko's Hadopi law keeps taking stick after stick.

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