Red Dead Online: here is the Sport of Kings mode

Fight on your horse's saddle to get the torch and ride through all the traffic lights on your team to win The sport of kings. The new mode of confrontation Red Dead Online it's a real horse riding test for two teams (four to eight players): use sawed-off shotguns for melee and the explosive single arrow bow to pick up on either side of the course to make the situation fairer.

This week, the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. catalog was enriched with three new garments. Protect your head, neck and shoulders from the sun in style with the Sombrero Rope. The Gibbston pants, with leather inserts and visible seams on the hips, are perfect for the city as well as for the wildest environments. To top it all off, we have a black version of the Chuparosa poncho, handwoven south of the border and shipped to Wheeler, Rawson & Co.'s warehouse. Wear it for a light, affable look.

Bonuses for players

Additionally, for the next two weeks, all players who reach at least rank 10 will receive a supply pack including special lures and arrows, such as Poisoners, very powerful weapons capable of taking down big game; they are usually crafted using arrows, feathers, and oleanders after acquiring the grades for poison arrows.

Players who have reached Rank 20 or above will have an additional pack with provisions and big game meat, such as Mint Big Game Meat, which is usually cooked after harvesting Mint and Big Game Meat. big game and causes the core to become golden with health.

Dungeons & Dragons Online revenue increased 500% since free

To obtain the grading requirements, take advantage of the30% increase in XP in all activities during this week. Remember that Red Dead Online is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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