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Recover a Pokémon game lost more than 20 years ago that is now worth thousands of euros

Recover a Pokémon game lost more than 20 years ago that is now worth thousands of euros

Never an unopened birthday present after 23 years could have meant such a great happiness afterwards as that of this user with a totally sealed Blue Pokémon that is worth thousands of dollars.

Video game collecting moves millions of dollars every month, with items that are sold on auction pages or in video game forums, and that can reach thousands of dollars for sale as long as they meet several conditions: are sealed, qualified by a specialized company and obviously that it is a scarce product on the market.

Few could imagine the success that the Pokémon license would have in video games when both Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue were launched in the West in 1998 and that is why practically now there are very few sealed copies of these video games, and in perfect condition.

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Now the user Lanai has gone to Reddit to tell his story where he explained that his parents discovered a lost birthday gift that they could not deliver 23 years ago, specifically a fully sealed copy of Pokémon Blue launched in the United States.

My parents called and asked if I was interested in a new Pokemon game. Wasn’t exactly expecting this one. from r / gaming

“My father told me that he bought it for me as a birthday present when I was a child and lost it. They have been cleaning the house now that they have retired, ”he explains.

As a user put the photograph of the fully sealed Pokémon Blue on Reddit, The user community has clarified that this title in this condition is worth thousands of dollars and that please do not open it.

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Although initially the user has been explaining that for him this title has sentimental value and that he will not sell it, later he made an edition where he affirms that he will pay attention to the comments of the users and that he will send him to rate a specialized company , so that you give it a status score and know approximately what it can be worth in the market.

According to pricecharting, a fully sealed copy of this product sells for over $ 600, if the user takes it to rate specialized companies such as Wata or VGA, and receives a score higher than 9, the sale could reach a minimum of $ 4000 on auction sites like eBay.

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However, a fully sealed and qualified copy of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Yellow (from the same era) sold for $ 162,000 at the end of last year, so this unit of Pokémon Blue could fetch half that price if the user he knows how to find the right place and time to auction it.