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Record-breaking PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: mind-boggling numbers

Record-breaking PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: mind-boggling numbers

Sony has just released some record-breaking data relating to the distribution of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles around the world, in the face of one of the company’s usual meetings with shareholders. Sony’s next-generation console has sold 10.1 million units, while Ps4 has distributed a whopping 116.4 million copies, of which 500,000 in the last quarter alone.

Record-breaking PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

Sony’s console, as we know, is very popular due to its level exclusives, and its popularity does not seem destined to wane anytime soon, according to the financial reports of the Japanese giant. In fact, 10.1 million units of PlayStation 5 have been sold so far; of which 2.3 million placed between 1 April and 30 June 2021.

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A number that may seem very high, but which in reality has satisfied only a small part of users in search of the new generation console from Sony., which is still practically unavailable and available only for those who had already preordered it for some time. In fact, the shortage of the necessary chips continues to be felt, and it seems that stocks will continue to be scarce for a long time to come.

The figures for the sold copies of PlayStation 4, which amount to well, are much more impressive 116.4 million worldwide. In this case they are 500,000 units which were distributed in the last quarter (April-June 2021). A staggering figure, which demonstrates how Sony is still able to exert a great influence on the gaming industry, also thanks to its exclusives, which have always been a great source of attraction for fans.

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Among the other data published by the company, we found that subscriptions to the PlayStation Plus service have touched share 43.6 millionwhile the total sales of PS5 and PS4 titles in the last quarter of the fiscal year reached 63.6 million copies, a lower result than last year, perhaps also due to the delays of numerous titles arriving.