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Record-breaking Minecraft: The community is constantly expanding


Record-breaking Minecraft: The community is constantly expanding

The earnings produced by Microsoft in 2021 are truly impressive. The company appears to have benefited enormously from Xbox Series X | S sales and the success of Xbox Game Pass. In this contextMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella shared some record-breaking statistics regarding Minecraftwhich continues to grow at incredible rates.

Record-breaking Minecraft

According to Nadella Minecraft went from having 131 million monthly active users to 140 million within a year. It is a 30% increase which highlights the strength and power of Minecraft even today, more than 10 years after its first release. This popularity of the title is probably due to the fact that the software has evolved drastically compared to the first versions, adding more and more novelties and mechanics over time.

Data from the CEO highlights that not only do players increase in Minecraft, too the use of mods is more and more frequent in the title of Mojang Studios. In fact, add-ons and game modifications have been downloaded more than a billion times, irrefutable proof that the community still has a lot of fun creating their own worlds according to their own inclinations.

Which is also in favor of the creators of these mods, who have earned a total of 350 million dollars.

This phenomenon appears completely in line with the commercial choices that Mojang Studios is making in the last period, and which seem to be aimed at expanding Minecraft outside the confines of the main game. It immediately springs to mind Minecraft Dungeon in this respect, or the game updates themselves that introduce new mechanics and modes.

Despite its age, Minecraft still seems to be in excellent health, also thanks to the community that revolves around the title.

Minecraft and the community

It is known, the communities that revolve around the games are often the reason why the latter remain active over the years and this is particularly true of Minecraft, which during its life cycle has seen the birth of titanic constructions inside its servers.

A few years ago, for example, the collective of players who faithfully reconstructed the city of King’s Landingdirectly from game of Thrones. However, the creators of this gigantic project defined themselves partially disappointed by their creation: their goal was in fact to recreate the whole of Westeros.

In more recent times a part of the community has committed to reproducing one of the most iconic places in Middle-earth born from the genius of Tolkien. Again it is a cityMinas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. In this case we are faced with a decidedly more advanced creation, since it makes use of the visual improvements guaranteed by the RTX technology.

The result is breathtaking, so much so that it almost makes you forget that everything is made up of simple cubes. In short, the community is more alive than ever, one wonders what its next big reproduction will be.