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Real estate market: the app for evaluations and big data analysis is born

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Real estate market: the app for evaluations and big data analysis is born

D-Ware is a software developed by the digital real estate agency Dove.it. The application is based on algorithms and big data that will facilitate the analysis of the market and the management of property valuations. A cloud-based tool that revolutionizes the approach of an entire industry.

The real estate market and the importance of digital

After the pandemic period, which was certainly not positive for the sector, the first quarter of 2021 brought a new optimism to the real estate sector. In fact, residential sales recorded + 36.8% compared to the previous year. However, the rules on the table seem to be changing, and forward-looking agencies are the ones who have understood the importance of digital in the real estate market. Among these there is certainly Dove.it, the first digital real estate agency in Italy. This, already active in the innovation process of the sector, has developed a software that uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis. A tool that offers a data driven approach to its agents, who are thus able to carry out a truly punctual analysis of the market. The app then allows you to provide accurate real estate appraisals and consultancy supported by statistical evidence.

  TIDAL: the app is available on Samsung TVs

The app developed by Dove.it

The application gives real estate agents the opportunity to explore the market through the official data of the sale and the data of properties currently for sale. These are collected, cleaned, filtered and stored in the data warehouse and are made accessible to each agent through the Dove.it cloud-based platform. Thanks to proprietary algorithms, the consultant can compare the purchase and sale prices and the ad prices, with a level of detail that goes down to the single street. The application is completely cloud-based, to allow you to scale the volumes of data collected, analyzed and archived day after day. This allows the platform to grow at the same pace as the business.

D-Ware: digital support for the real estate market

D-ware was developed to provide support to real estate agents in the analysis and evaluation of properties. The app guarantees speed, transparency and statistical reliability to those who entrust the sale of their home to Dove.it. This new software expands the set of tools that the Italian real estate franchising makes available. In fact, to date, there are more than 35 proprietary software developed in house by the Dove.it technology team. These allow a correct and modern management of properties, customers and valuations. In addition, the web platform offers constantly updated sales news, dedicated training, centralized secretariat and cutting-edge ad management. In fact, not only real estate, but also photographic services, virtual tours, content management and publication of advertisements managed directly from the portal in a centralized manner.