RapidShare, “new ally” of the copyright industry

For some time now, direct download services have become very popular and among these, two clearly stand out in the sector: RapidShare and MegaUpload. Both are the best known and both are also widely used for sharing all kinds of files, many of which are copyrighted.

Well, now one of these two, specifically RapidShare, has taken a visceral turn in its strategy. Basically the new goal is reach an agreement with the major players in the copyright industryfor which they obviously have to give a hard time to everyone who in one way or another uses the service in order to distribute copyrighted material and promote copyright infringement .

And that's exactly what they started doing. On the one hand, we have that they are closing the accounts of « uploaders » who repeatedly upload protected material to the site, and on the other hand, the company's lawyers have started sending legal threats by letter to owners of the site to cease their activities. which provide RapidShare download links to protected files and also to search engines which allow users to find content within the service.

Now the big question hanging over this new strategy is: Will it be beneficial for the company or on the contrary? By toughening up, in principle, they will get along better with those in the industry, but they will also lose users. What else there is a good chance that the measures taken by RapidShare will not be enough for the industry players and they will end up taking legal action against them anyway.

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The situation for RapidShare is not easy at all, they are “in the middle” and one side had to gamble. Personally I think they are taking the wrong side, the copyright kingpins only think about their model and anything that escapes from them is either ignored or destroyed, so these latest RapidShare moves will cause them to lose business. traffic and premium users, but no benefit (or only one, that the industry does not hit them with its legal machinery, which can still happen even after taking these new measures).

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