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Rainbow Six Siege PG Nationals: all set for the finals

Rainbow Six Siege PG Nationals: all set for the finals

PG Esports And Ubisoft are ready to ignite the competitive summer once again by giving all export enthusiasts an exceptional show: the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PG Nationals Playoff Finalswhich will involve the two best teams of the Winter and Spring Split.

THE Mkersveterans of the incredible adventure of the Six Invitational, and i Reply Totema truly fierce team that has made its way into the competition showing courage and a great desire to win, will compete in a match to the last kill to win the title of Italian champions and the incredible opportunity to take part in the European Challenger League.

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Rainbow Six Siege PG Nationals: ready for the final

THE Mkersas often happens now, they are called to fill the role of favorites, strengthened by the recent participation in the Six Invitational, the Rainbow Six Siege world cup, and the already confirmed participation in the European Challenger Leagueobtained through external qualifiers.

THE Reply Toteminstead, they will try to keep their flag high and to keep faith with the excellent path made so far in the various phases of the tournament, trying to inflict on the Mkers a defeat that would remain in the annals of Italian export.

Before the reckoning, then, there will be space for several moments of entertainment, including an unmissable novelty, i PG Nats Awardsshow presented by Mauro “JustRyuk” Barone which will precede the match. During the show, the teams and players who have particularly distinguished themselves during the tournament will be rewarded, an opportunity not to be missed for all Italian gaming fans.

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Who will win the Reply Totemrevelation of the tournament, ei Mkers, favorites and now the backbone of the Italian esports scene? For sure, whoever wins the final will win the title of Champion of Italy and the opportunity to participate in the prestigious European Challenger Leaguean event that is at the base of Ubisoft’s export ecosystem in the Old Continent, and which in turn allows access to the super competitive European League. In short, one more opportunity to show who is the strongest.

The appointment to mark on the agenda is, therefore, Sunday 25 July from 17:00 on Twitch channel Rainbow Six.