Quick-Scope will not “glow” in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

We continue with the news of the shooter par excellence on the market and it is that Sledgehammer, has taken measures in the matter and has decided to make the technique more complicated Quick framing for this new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Quick-Scoping, in Advanced Warface, for or against?

Clearly Mass games took a position on the issue and through the statements of Michel CondryCo-founder of the developer, clearly expressed his initiative to lighten this technique so famous among many shooters.

For those who don't know what we're talking about, Quick-Scope is basically a technique that requires some skill in some titles, to quickly draw the sniper rifle and kill your enemy quickly, accurately and if possible with one bullet, without practically bringing up the scope on the screen. This technique is widely used and very common in Call of Duty titles, which has always been talked about.

Well, in this Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, in principle, it will not be so easy to achieve this ability and as Condry commented, the sniper class will not be so “abusive”. Additionally, abilities available in previous titles such as « Quick Draw » will not be available to snipers. In order to find the balance between all classes

I don't know about you but these statements will surely bring a lot of controversy and divided opinions, we will see how this is ultimately reflected in the game. I will leave you a video where you can see examples of what Fast range.

And you, what opinion do you have?

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