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PUBG Mobile will add Rage Gear mode on December 11

PUBG Mobile will add Rage Gear mode on December 11

The mobile version of PUBG is a inexhaustible source of income for its developers. To try to continue to maintain the interest of users, the Asian company continually updates the game by adding new game modes beyond Battle Royale.

Let’s remember that when PUBG hit the market in March 2018, it only offered us the Battle Royale mode, but as the months have passed, the Battle Royale mode is one of the many that we have at our disposal. The next game mode that PUBG will include is Rage Gear.

This game mode focuses on vehicles. The Rage Gear mode puts at our disposal three vehicles to choose from: UAZ, buggy and Dacia. Each of these cars has a different speed, health and resistance, so you have to take them into account when selecting which car you want to compete with.

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But also, when choosing these vehicles, we must take into account the weapon they equip: RGP (buggy), grenade launcher (Dacia) or the M249 machine gun (UAZ). The circuit is a circle where we have to go around trying to avoid the enemies while trying to destroy them. We can recover the health of our vehicle if we go through certain points, since once our vehicle explodes, the game is over.

The death race game mode, Rage Gear, It will arrive hand in hand with version 0.16.0a version that, as I mentioned in the title of the article, will be available for both Android and iOS on December 11.

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The PUBG Mobile World Championship is currently taking place in Malaysia. In this event, not only has the launch of this game mode been announced, which had already been leaked (we can see it in the video above), but it has also been announced that from 2020, a colorblind mode will comea way that will allow us to replace the red color of the blood with others such as green (the most used in the PC version).