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PS VR Spotlight: here are the 7 new PlayStation VR games

PS VR Spotlight: here are the 7 new PlayStation VR games

After an announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Sony released a series of trailers yesterday regarding the new PlayStation VR games arriving in the coming months, as part of the PS VR Spotlight event. The titles in question are entirely dedicated to virtual reality sector Ps4consequently there have been no updates on the new version of the PlayStation VR for the new generation of Sony.

Nevertheless, the video games shown were many and varied, let’s find out in detail.

PS VR Spotlight: 7 new games announced

There are seven unreleased games coming to PlayStation VR and the first to be presented is Arashi: Castel of Sin, developed by Endeavor One. This title is configured as a mix between an action and a stealth and will put us in the shoes of Kenshiro, a shinobi whose task is to appropriate various castles occupied by groups of bandits in the midst of feudal Japan.

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From the trailer you can breathe atmospheres that are somewhat reminiscent of those seen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as you can see firsthand. The title is scheduled for release this summer.

We pass from the dark and dark atmospheres of Arashi to the very colorful ones di Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey. In this case we are faced with a full-fledged arcade game, playable both in virtual reality and in more traditional mode.

As the game title suggests, in Puzzle Bobble 3D we will be asked to solve a series of puzzles in three different game modes: History, Infinity and Duels. Through the last of these three modes it is possible to challenge other players, complete with cross gen matchmaking between Ps4 and Ps5. The game will be released in 2021but still lacks a launch window.

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We then Wind and Leavesarriving on July 27, which looks like a very special title. In the Trebuchet game we will be a gardener with a very specific mission: to make an area that is now desertified due to a cataclysm flourish again. To do this we will have a wide range of tools that will diversify as we proceed with the adventure.

The most interesting part is that to fully explore the game world we will have to plant new forests, otherwise the toxic atmosphere of the wastelands that surround us will kill us in no time. The game seems to propose a mix between an open world and a management softwareall with truly unique graphics.

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Let’s take 360-degree action with After the Falla video game with horror colors set in a post apocalyptic world, more precisely in dystopian version of 80s Los Angeles. The title supports a multiplayer mode for up to four users, while the gameplay is that of a first-person action shooter.

The trailer shows interesting unpublished details on the gameplay, about creatures and the customization of our arsenal. The summer release is also confirmed.

Still to stay on the action theme, the next trailer showed Frackedone first person shooter that gives players complete freedom, according to what was declared by the developers. In fact, the game does not offer tracks or forced paths: the world will be completely open from the beginning allowing users to go wherever they want.

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In short, weapons in hand and fill the magazines ahead of the game’s release in the summer.

But let’s leave the adrenaline and firefights behind us, to move on to the sixth game announced during the event: Wanderer. In this case we have a ‘graphic adventure rcreated by the guys from M Theory and Oddboy, which offers a window into a world as similar as it is different from ours.

What if some historical events had unfolded differently? This is the question that Wanderer wants to answer. During the adventure, therefore, we will have to solve various puzzles set in different historical moments, discovering past and recent eras in a new light.

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Wanderer will also arrive in the summer.

The latest title announced at the PS VR Spotlight is Sniper Elite VRdeveloped by Rebellion Developments and available starting fromJuly 8, 2021.

The game has been completely redesigned to work in virtual reality and in the trailer we find all its main features, such as the X-ray kill-cam. Sniper Elite VR is set in 1943 and offers a series of missions in which we will have to stop the advance. ****, all in one gameplay characterized by stealth and precisionkey qualities of a good sniper.