Program announced to give a laptop to every Argentine public secondary school student

Cristina Fernández de Kirchnerthe president of Argentina, presented the plan that many of us have been waiting for: a plan for bring a computer to every student in the country and imitate the project carried out by Uruguay in 2006 with its famous Ceibal Plan.

The project is called Connect equality and with it, it is planned to deliver a netbook to each of the country's public high school students (around 3 million) within 3 years. The first 350,000 will be delivered between April and October of this year.

Although the announcement made at the National Theater of Cervantes did not reveal the amount that will be spent on its implementation, rumor has it that it will be around 4 billion pesos.

The speech was really brief and Fernández de Kirchner underlined the importance of equality in education and the dream of being able to achieve it. Additionally, he spoke about the digital divide that matters so much to all of us who have a relationship with technology and educate ourselves throughout our lives with it.

Logically, and as happened in Uruguay, this is a long-term project and very similar to the one that will be implemented by the PRO that we have already spoken about.

Finally, we see how the leaders of Argentina, a country where the digital divide is enormous between those who have access to technology and those who do not, are acting to reduce it and that adolescents have the opportunity to have the same education.

Improve: I read in La Nación that it will be about the teams Classmate which were acquired as part of the call for tenders organized at the time to carry out the plan for the delivery of laptops to higher students of technical schools which won Telefonica Mobile Argentina. In other words, these computers will be computers with Windows, 1 GB of RAM, an Atom processor, a 10-inch screen and a storage capacity of 160 GB.

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