Production of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus reduced due to low demand

Months before the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, many of us said that this model would be a transitional model that would not offer many new features, since Apple would wait for the iPhone to launch 8 (bypassing the usual nomenclature), or perhaps the iPhone 10 (commemorating the 10th anniversary of its release) for add lots of news. If we stop to think coldly, the only remarkable new thing found in the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual optics and optical stabilization of the iPhone 7. After the initial avalanche motivated by the launch of two new colors, glossy black and matte black, it seems that sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have slowed down considerably.

This required the guys from Cupertino to have significantly reduced the number of components to manufacturers, according to Digitimes. But not only was the lack of innovation of this model the cause of the low demand, but also once again part of the problem is in Chinawhere over this past year, demand for the iPhone has dropped significantly.

Demand for the iPhone 7 in China and other markets has slowed significantly since its launch three months ago. Instead of continuing to focus on this model, major component suppliers have already gotten to work on the next generation of iPhone, which will hit the market next year.

Many users have high expectations for the tenth anniversary iPhone and the rumors only increase the hype. On the one hand, it is rumored that Apple could return to glass with this model, it could release an edge-to-edge frameless screen, offer the long-awaited wireless charging… What is clear is that by the months that pass, We won't be able to have more precise details on what the next iPhone will look like.

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