Procreate's latest update is loaded with new features

Procreate, for those who don't know it, is one of the most popular drawing apps on the App Store, and it has a well-deserved reputation, since it is possible to create real works of art thanks to the functions it contains. Apple itself has given Procreate numerous awards, which attest to the quality of the application. Few iPad users are unaware of this, since Procreate is an application created by and for the iPad, but as we know that there are many readers who also have iOS on Apple's big screen, we did not want Don't miss the opportunity to inform yourself as you deserve. The latest Procreate update is loaded with new features, these are.

How could it be otherwise, Procreate is fully compatible with Apple Pencil and the possibilities of the new iPad Pro, it therefore becomes the most powerful drawing tool that can be found in the iOS App Store. Here are the new features in the latest update:

What's new in version 3.1

Procreate 3.1 is our biggest update of 2016. There are tons of new features to get you up and running faster.

Automatic selection:Select any area of ​​the artwork with a single tap.
streamline: The Brushes' Streamline option stabilizes your strokes so you can create perfect curves and embellishments.
Quick menu:Activate the Quick Menu to instantly access your favorite features without stopping drawing.
Custom canvases: Create a canvas using pixels, millimeters, centimeters, or inches, as well as dots per inch (DPI). Save, rearrange, edit and delete the canvas sizes you created.
Button To modify: The Edit button allows you to activate the pipette faster and more precisely than ever.
export to PDF: Export any artwork to PDF with three quality options, or export multiple illustrations to a single PDF file.
button reproduction Selection tool: Instantly duplicate a selection on a new layer by clicking the new button on the selection toolbar.
Personalization Tilt angle adjustment: You can now specify at what angle tilt is enabled with Apple Pencil.
4KNote: Video can now be recorded in 4K quality on iPad Air 2 and later.
Flipping the Canvas: Flipping the canvas now maintains the zoom level and position.

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Improvements have also been made to the perspective guide, pressure curve, ability to paste above the current layer, and various bug fixes. If you like Procreate 3.1, we'd love for you to write a short review on the App Store.

The app costs €5.99 and is worth every penny. Translated into countless languages, it weighs only 104 MB and is compatible with iOS 9.3 or later. This is something that annoys many users and requires the latest version of iOS to work.

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