Procreate, is updated adding a large number of new features

The Procreate app has become the best app that we can use on our iPad to edit our photos. But it also allows us create paintings or illustrations in simple steps giving us beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings or amazing illustrations. Procreate has been selected by Apple as one of the must-haves in the App Store. This application offers us 128 spectacular brushes and an advanced layer system, Photoshop style.

The iPhone and iPad versions have different prices on the App Store, as they are designed to be used on different devices, offering more options on the iPad version, thanks to its screen size. Today Apple offers iPhone version of Procreate for free via the Apple Store app. But if we want to use the iPad application, we will have to go to the checkout and pay the 5.99 euros that it costs in the App Store. Taking advantage of the fact that it can be downloaded for free, the developers have just updated the application offering a large number of new options that we show you below.

What's new in Procreate version 3.1

  • automatic selection. Select any area of ​​the artwork with a single tap.
  • streamline. The Streamline option of the brushes stabilizes your strokes so you can create perfect curves and embellishments.
  • Quick menu. Activate the Quick Menu to instantly access your favorite features without stopping drawing.
  • personalized canvases. Create a canvas using pixels, millimeters, centimeters, or inches, as well as dots per inch (DPI). Save, rearrange, edit and delete the canvas sizes you created.
  • Edit button. The Edit button lets you activate the eyedropper faster and more precisely than ever before.
  • Export to PDF. Export any illustration to PDF with three quality options or export multiple illustrations to a single PDF file.
  • Selection duplication button. Instantly duplicate a selection on a new layer by clicking the new button on the selection toolbar.
  • Customizing the tilt angle. You can now specify from which angle tilt is activated with the Apple Pencil.
  • 4K. Video can now be recorded in 4K quality on iPad Air 2 and later.
  • canvas reversal. Flipping the canvas now retains the zoom level and position.
Tap to Translate, a new tweak that allows us to translate text by selecting it

procreate€9.99Download the app

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