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Problems with Huawei and 5G in Great Britain

Problems with Huawei and 5G in Great Britain

Based on a re-evaluation of the security systems, the Great Britain is preparing to block the operations of Huawei and 5G. The creation of the infrastructure related to the 5Gthe new fifth generation technology capable of guaranteeing increasingly high-performance connections.

Huawei’s 5G UK problems

According to TelegraphUK newspaper, prime minister Boris Johnson he would have moved to create important proposals to stop the installations of new equipment created by Huawei.

This operation can be completed in six months, and then at the same time accelerate the removal process linked to previous installations. Compared to what was previously decided, with the end of the collaboration by 2023, the British premier would already be evaluating the interruption as soon as possible for the agreement with the Chinese company.

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Previous developments

In the previous months, Johnson almost seemed to want to delay the suspension of the project. The information comes from US intelligence, which immediately informed British colleagues about the dangers posed by potential national security risks.

Initially, Huawei was given the benefit of the doubt, while limiting the creation of the 5G infrastructure.

The influence of the USA

According to a report from the British government’s communications headquarters, officials believe they can no longer stem the security risks associated with the creation of a partnership with Huawei. Considering also the working relationship between the United States of America and China, the same company would not guarantee an American technology, therefore forced to use substitutions, considered by Great Britain, to be less safe.

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Britain’s Huawei 5G decision

The UK National Security Council will confirm the decision to stop cooperation with the Chinese giant within two weeks. Despite these news, Huawei makes it known that it wants to try to create a dialogue with Great Britain again. The aim will be to avoid the suspension of the works.