Problems arise in the graphics card of the new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro 2016 with its all-new Touch Bar is already reaching users who have reserved it, as we reported a few days ago. However, despite the fact that we imagine that most users are quite satisfied with the new acquisition, The first problems of the machine are already appearing, and it is that some complaints about the problems that the graphics card causes seem to be becoming popular Of the device. There's no Apple device exempt from a fair amount of criticism about its hardware, and this new MacBook Pro was going to be no exception.

The number of users of this new MacBook Pro who are experiencing problems with its graphics card seems to be growing without a precise pattern. It seems that the focus is specifically on the device with a 15-inch screen and of course the available Touch Bar. On the other hand, it seems that the problem arises equally between devices with an integrated graphics card or a more demanding performance model.

Specifically, what users see is how the device closes apps unexpectedly and image content is not displayed consistently. It seems that some sort of black bars start appearing randomly on the MacBook screen, causing the logical exasperation of users.

It is normal, on the other hand, that a new device has some kind of compatibility problem with the operating system, something that we assume that Apple will correct with the passage of upcoming macOS updates, without a doubt. Furthermore, and without creating a precedent (understand the irony), It appears that Adobe software is once again causing the problem, in this case Adobe Premier Pro.

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