Power and silence: here are the new Pinguino De'Longhi


  • Penguin De'Longhi
  • PAC N90ECO Silent

The company made in Italy De'Longhi offers us two new portable air conditioning models penguinto help us survive in the hot summer that is about to come.

Penguin De'Longhi

With the new series CAPDe'Longhi promises to deliver the classic, excellent performance that the company is known for, without sacrificing comfort, practicality And silence. Exactly what we want so much when using an air conditioner, to be able to rest peacefully. We don't even give up one design simple, practical and elegant, which allows us to place the products in any environment.

In addition, thanks to new technologies Real feeling, we won't have to worry about settings. At the touch of a button, the air conditioner analyzes temperature and humidity information, achieving optimal comfort and maintaining it over time.


The first of the two new Penguin models is equipped with remote via the LCD remote control, to manage all functions comfortably sitting on the sofa: temperature, fan speed, timer and cooling.

There energy rating of belonging is the FOR to ensure minimum consumption.

On the front we find an innovative display DIRECTEDwhich thanks to the system CLI (comfort indicator) gives us immediate feedback on the state of environmental comfort.

THE refrigerant gas used is al 100% natural and ecological high efficiency. We are talking about the propane R290which does not emit greenhouse gases.

PAC N90ECO Silent

The second model in the series CAP it is equipped with a panel with controls soft to the touch, to manage all functions in a simple and intuitive way. Temperature, fan speed, timer and cooling can also be conveniently adjusted remote.

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The refrigerant gas is the same as the previous model, the propane R290. In addition, we find here a comfortable one ECO functionwhich automatically controls the level of power delivered according to the preset temperature, thus optimizing the energy consumption.

For more information and to consult the technical data sheets, I refer you to the official De'Longhi page.