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Possible group heist missions in GTA Online

Possible group heist missions in GTA Online

Know the possible list of games available for group robberies of GTA Online.

Group robberies the most anticipated of GTA Online

A YouTube user known for hitting previous leaks of the game has made us aware of the possible list of missions that we will find with group robberies to GTA Online.

DomisLive has obtained this information from some files that come within the game, but to say that this is more than a rumor and may turn out to be true in its entirety, partial or not at all true, even so here we leave you the possible list of games that I would have GTA Online:

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Certainly very addictive missions for GTA Online, but without a doubt the most spectacular is that of FIB Grab, giving us many possibilities and even war games between gangs.

As we have said it is just a rumor, since since Rockstar games announced that the group robbery missions of GTA Online they would be delayed indefinitely.

Source: VG247

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