Popular iOS game Tiny Wings comes to Apple TV

THE Fourth-generation Apple TV has been with us for a while, a device for our living room that will allow us to go beyond what is currently offered by the main Smart TV manufacturers. It is true that it is part of the Apple ecosystem and may have certain limitations, but the new application store has made the device something to be valued, compared to previous versions of the Apple TV which had to hardly any utilities outside the United States.

And we are going to talk about Apple TV games, it is true that this cannot overshadow large video consoles like the PS4 or Xbox, but if you do not need large productions (of which there are also), it's likely that the Apple TV can meet your gaming needs. Remember Tiny Wings?, the famous bird game with which we will compete to go further and further. NOW It has just arrived on Apple TV, yes, we will have to go through the box again…

In this case, unlike many other games, we'll have to checkout if we want to get our hands on Tiny Wings for Apple TV, that is, there are many games that, simply by having purchased the iOS version, already allow us to use them also on Apple TV. But it seems that developer Andreas Iliguer thinks it's a better strategy.

We'll see what happens $2.99 ​​is not a big expense either and you will be able to enjoy the famous game of birdies right on TV from your connected home to your new Apple TV, a device that is sure to be a bestseller this Christmas. Additionally, if you also have the iOS version of the game, you can also use your iPhone as a remote control of what's happening on your TV screen, yes, keep in mind that it has a game mode “one control button” so you won't need big things either. Tiny Wings for Apple TV also has iCloud supportThis way, games will sync with your iPhone app progress and vice versa.

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