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Polaroid-inspired Nikes arrive


Polaroid-inspired Nikes arrive

The Nike SB Dunk Low they are undoubtedly the sneakers that better than others lend themselves to creative collaborations. And after many remakes, this time an absolutely unique version of the shoe is about to hit the market. Thanks to the collaboration with Polaroid, which gave sneakers its own characteristic connotation. For the moment, we do not yet know when they will be released on the market, but some photos leaked on the Net already give us an idea of ​​what this “bombshell” partnership between Nike and Polaroid will be like.

Nike and Polaroid together for a new pair of SB Dunk Low

While there is no official news from Nike and Polaroid, we still managed to take a look at the design of the new SB Dunk Low. The images leaked on the Net show a thick white sole which is inserted, at the height of the heel, in one black upper. A combination of colors that undoubtedly recalls that of the old roll of cameras of the company. Added to this is also a graphic in the colors of the rainbow, representative of Polaroid, which in some way “replaces” the traditional Nike “mustache”. And this is not the only colored insert. Inside, in fact, the insoles have a rainbow equally divided in two. Finally, tongue and insoles are accompanied by Nike and Polaroid logos – as it should be -.

Of course, the quality of the images circulating on the Net is not the best, but still enough to convey the idea of ​​the collaboration between the two giants. On the other hand, Polaroid was one of the most popular companies from the seventies onwards, at least until the iPhones cracked the success of the photos taken. But Millennials and Generation Z seem to feel nostalgia for old Polaroids, and Nike is just responding to that sentiment. In the past, the company has already partnered with Puma and Teva, but has now chosen to focus on a bigger brand. So let’s wait to see the new ones Nike SB Dunk Low. Although the preview has already convinced us to buy them.