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  • The basis of Pokémon Masters
  • The arrival of the title on mobile devices

You can't wait to face all the coaches of Pokemon in thrilling battles? You can afford it Pokémon Masterstitle signed by The Pokémon Company and DeNA whose arrival on mobile devices was only recently announced!

The basis of Pokémon Masters

Inside the recent press conference Pokémon 2019 the arrival, on mobile devices, of Pokémon Masterstitle developed by The Pokémon Company and DeNa.

The suggestion of Ken Sugimori Since Usual gamewhose greatest desire was to see all the trainers of the adorable little monsters loved around the world compete in fierce battles in a single title.

The arrival of the title on mobile devices

Unfortunately, there is currently no news regarding the period or expected date for the possible arrival of the title on mobile devices.

According to the few details announced during the conference, however, new information on Pokémon Masters they will arrive in June.

The title however, with a fixed version on both Android be certain iOShas already presented itself as a one-of-a-kind experience, based on intense clashes with the cute, colorful monsters to act as protagonists.

There Pokémon 2019 This also proved to be the perfect opportunity to announce the arrival of more titles, including a new Detective Pikachu expected for Nintendo Switchdesigned to complement the events that began on the Nintendo 3DS title and Pokémon Sleep.

For the moment all that remains is to wait for new news on the title and, in the meantime, continue to have fun with the many Pokémon games already available!

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Are you curious to see what the new title will offer for mobile devices? Do you still enjoy games that have already been released in the past?

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