Pokémon GO: what will soon happen to the game of the moment


  • More types of Pokémon will arrive, including legendary Pokémon
  • Best Pokemon Tracking Tools
  • Trade Pokémon with friends
  • Pokémon battles with friends
  • See more Pokémon GO components in the real world
  • Events by city
  • Team fights
  • Customizing Gyms and Pokéstops

As you already mentioned in a post, yes, iPhone News seems to have been renamed « Pokémon News » in recent days. But it's not just us: Pokémon GO He even appears on the news, for better or for worse. It's understandable that some of you are annoyed that we're talking so much about something in particular that doesn't have much to do with the iPhone, but it's something we've also had to do now ago has just over a year with the Apple Watch and, calm down, we have to cover all the information now, but (I guess) everything will be back to normal in a few weeks. In any case, don't forget that this game is also available for the iPhone.

Pokémon GO is the game of the moment and who knows when its moment will end. There are news stories of all kinds, like users searching for Pokémon and finding a person's body, hundreds (if not thousands) of users chasing a Vaporeon in Central Park, or, most recently, a person who shoots two Pokémon GO players for playing in front of his house. What we bring to you today is information about what is to come to the game that motivates all this news and it seems that Pokémon GO is going to improve, and a lot, in the weeks to come.

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More types of Pokémon will arrive, including legendary Pokémon

As with almost all versions, the first version of Pokémon GO includes a good number of Pokémon, but not all. Game developers know this and will add more, including legendary pokemon.

It is likely that groups of friends overcome certain challenges in order to obtain the legendary Pokémon that will represent your team. The negative point is: who will be lucky enough to keep this type of Pokémon in one of their Pokéballs?

Best Pokemon Tracking Tools

If you play Pokémon GO, you will understand that it is not easy to find them. I think currently, if we have a Pokémon nearby, it's just as difficult to wait for it to appear on the screen as it is to walk over and find it ourselves. In the lower right part of the screen we see the 3 Pokémon that we are closer. If we tap on this small bar, the option called « Near » will open, where we will see up to 9 Pokémon that we have around us (eye, in Japanese order, that is, the closest one is the one at the top right and not the one at the top left). Those we've already seen/tried to hunt will appear in color, while those we haven't seen yet will appear in silhouette. That's great, but where should I go if I want to find them? Underneath each Pokémon there are three footprints that, in theory, show us how far away they are, but I've never seen fewer steps. What I saw were circles on the map which, also in theory, indicate the footsteps of a Pokémon around us.

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After explaining all this, it seems to me that the “clues” are insufficient. The creators of the game think so too and present other toolslike the direction we need to take to reach a specific Pokémon.

Trade Pokémon with friends

I've never been a fan of these « Pocket Monsters » (that was their original name) and I don't really know everything about them, but I do know that part of their appeal is collecting them. In this directionwe could say that we are before a type of collection like those there were years ago when buying candy. What we did in those cases was trading cards, stickers, or whatever we got with other friends who had what we wanted and wanted what we had.

When you've been playing Pokémon GO for a few days, you'll probably have obtained several duplicates (eh, Rattata and Pidgey?). Although most duplicates are Pokémon that we will even find under our bed, we can also get two of the same something more interesting, like two Charmander or Raticate. If we have something we don't want, we have a friend who has something we want and that friend wants something we have, soon we can exchange them.

Of course, I would like to comment on a tip I read these days: it is worth keeping at least one of each, including those of a lower level. For what? Well, because we can always combine them with others and get special Pokémon.

Pokémon battles with friends

The best way to learn to fight and make our Pokémon stronger is to do battles. Right now we can already fight in gyms, friends and enemies, but soon we will be able to fight with friends. that is, practice. It's something that will come, but we don't know exactly when.

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See more Pokémon GO components in the real world

One of the best things about Pokémon GO is that blends in with the real world. In addition to the ability to hunt Pokémon using the camera and augmented reality, it also uses Google Maps, so while we move in the real world, we will move in Pokémon GO. In addition, Poképaradas and gyms are in real points in our region, so we can see a Poképarada in the library or town hall of our city (with a photo and everything!).

It seems that this is just the beginning of augmented reality (AR) in this game. And it is that the CEO of Niantic described all this as “a big first step”. As you can see in the previous image we can see directions and other signs above something in the real world. That’s what augmented reality is, isn’t it?

Of course, it is clear that to see this type of information we will have to watch from a compatible device. Currently these devices are our mobiles, but compatible devices, like Magic Leap, could soon arrive. As I write these lines, it's impossible for me to stop thinking about Google Glass, glasses that didn't have the expected success at the time, but which could see their fate change with a game like Pokémon GO.

Events by city

Pokémon has enjoyed great success since the release of its first game around twenty years ago. I saw on television that competitions are held all over the world and, if I remember correctly, when I saw a documentary or similar many years ago, the third in the world was Spanish. With so much success, the best thing for creators is to exploit it to the fullest. THE events that will take place in cities They will be limited in time, so you will have to organize yourself with the rest of the team to achieve the challenge objective. We may also need a top coach to compete in these events, so let's train!

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Team fights

Maybe the events of an entire city are too much. If this is your case and you want something more limited, know that the team matches.

Customizing Gyms and Pokéstops

Greetings to the owners of the 3 gyms (AlexxMS13, Nest64 and Atomic94 -congratulations, you have a Vaporeon without going through Central Park-) that I can see from here 😉

If we fought for a gymnasium and it is ours, wouldn't it be wise to decorate it so that we like its image more? Niantic thinks the same thing and has promised that we can customize them in the future.

Of everything that's coming, what do you want to see the most?