Pokémon GO was down yesterday worldwide due to a DDoS attack

For a few weeks now, it seems like no other app or game has been talked about on all the tech blogs. Let's leave aside whether we like it or talk about it so much, it has become a detestable application that we are tired of hearing so much about, Caesar is Caesar's. This app was initially launched in the United States, New Zealand and Australia already exist in a large number of European countriesincluding Spain, but we do not know when it will be able to reach Latin America, as soon as we know we will inform you quickly.

SERVER UPDATE: According to @Independent, #PokemonGO servers were destroyed in a DDOS attack. We will update when we have more information.

– Pokémon GO News (@PokemonGoNews) July 16, 2016

Launching in more European countries could mean extra effort for the Nintendo servers that support this game and as of midday on Saturday, the servers started to go down. But it was not because of the massive influx of followers, but because servers went down due to a denial of service attack, better known as DDoS, so that yesterday it could not be played in any country where the game is officially available. The Pokémon GO Twitter account announced that it was suffering from a DDoS attack and that all servers were down.

Apparently, those responsible for this attack is a group called PoodleCorp, who wanted to become famous by annoying millions of users who couldn't enjoy this game for a whole day this weekend. Hopefully Nintendo takes note of this attack and attempts to address future issues like this, otherwise it wants the Pokémon GO fever spread by almost everyone to fade away quickly. At the end of yesterday Spanish time the service was already working correctly, although the connection to the servers was a little slower than normal, although in some countries it still had performance problems.

Yahoo confirms it is aware of the attack it suffered in 2014

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