Pokémon Go is updated allowing us to choose a partner Pokémon

There is a lot of news that Pokémon Go suffers huge user lossyes it may be true but the truth is that I continue to find groups of people in many areas of the city… It is not uncommon to find the Plaza de España in Madrid with a crowd of young people ( and less young) sitting on the benches playing Pokémon Go. And Niantic's plans (Pokémon Go development company) do not involve taking advantage of this game which could well be the game of 2016. What will happen when Super Mario Run is available?

GOOD Pokemon Go has just been updatedan update that brings us something that many have been asking for, the possibility of adding a Buddy Pokémon, or a partner Pokémon, to accompany us during our adventure. Do you remember the original series in which Pikachu accompanied Ash throughout his journey? It's now possible with the new Pokémon Go update…

In this new version 1.7.0, the guys from Niantic have just added, as we told you, the possibility of adding a Buddy Pokémon, or a partner Pokémon, to our avatar. now you can choose the Pokémon that will accompany you during your adventure, a Pokémon that will also allow you to obtain candy faster. Do you want Pikachu to sit on your shoulder too?, try using it as a Buddy Pokémon while walking 10 km, it will get tired and climb on your back. And the next day The Pokémon Go Plus bracelet goes on sale September 16and with this new update, Pokémon Go is now compatible with Pokémon Go Plus.

How long have you been playing Pokémon Go? we show you

You know, run to update your Pokémon Go app to be able to enjoy this new Pokémon Buddy, or partner Pokémon, an essential update if you don't want to be left behind since the acceleration of obtaining candies more quickly will be useful to you. And if you've never tried Pokémon Go, dare to try the game everyone's talking about, a free (with occasional micropayment) and universal game.

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