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Pokémon enter the world of Sumo

Pokémon enter the world of Sumo

The Pokémon Company has signed a very special partnership, the one with the Japanese league of Sumo. The sport sees two wrestlers facing each other just like in the challenges between Pocket Monster, even without Flamethrower And Thunder shock. The collaboration will lead to ringside (or rather dohyō) the banners and outfits of our favorite Pokémon.

Pokémon become sponsors of the Sumo League

“Pokémon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. But compared to sumo, which has a long history and tradition, we are only at the beginning, ”he commented Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokémon Company. The president also illustrated the respect he feels for a sport with a great tradition like sumo. And he is confident that both sides can benefit from this collaboration.

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Nihon Sumo Kyokai, the official league, thinks this collaboration is a “historic first”. The company that manages the image rights of the monsters born on GameBoy will present somethe kensho banners for upcoming league tournament matches. This type of billboards are shown by taking them to the ring before the matches. For important matches, there can be up to fifty different kensho banners, and sponsors usually have to present a different banner for each day of the tournament.

But it’s not just advertising. As The Japan Times explains, the banners represent cash rewards that sponsoring companies are giving away. Each of these costs ¥ 62,000 (469.53 euros)of which ¥ 56,700 (€ 429.40) goes to the winner of the match and ¥ 5,300 (around € 40) goes into costs and expenses.

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The banners will be displayed for the first time in November during the tournament in Fukuoka and in January in Tokyo. There will be banners advertising 25 years of Pokémon Red and Green, rather than Pikachu and also Makuhitawhose evolution Hariyama recalls the typical sumo outfits.

In addition to the banners there will also be Kesho-mawashi, the ceremonial outfits that fighters wear as they enter the ring. Although there have already been holdings inspired by anime and manga, this is the first time that the sponsor has made it Pokémon.

In January, the referee will also be wearing a Pokémon branded suit. Even if we fear it won’t be a giant costume from Pikachu. But hoping costs nothing.