Pokémon Company: profits increased by 1200% in five years


  • The Growth of Pokémon Company
  • The reasons for the boom

A Japanese report revealed the enormous growth of Pokémon Company which, in the last five years alone, has achieved increases of 1200%!

The Growth of Pokémon Company

To reveal the enormous growth of the company, it was the Japanese industry Social Game Info, which wanted to communicate the latest data concerning the profits of the latter, whose financial years closed at the end of February.

According to the figures, the company made a profit of 13,389 billion yen, all in just one year!

A similar figure, in addition to being already astonishing in itself, also shows a clear improvement in the company compared to 2018, the year in which it managed to record « only » 8.827 billion yen, or 51.6% less .

But what makes your eyes widen even more are the figures for the last five years: during this period, in fact, Pokémon Company would have recorded profit growth of 1200%!

The reasons for the boom

The launch of the Pokémon GO: the latter has in fact allowed a Pokémon Company earning 15.9 trillion yen in 2016, the majority of their profits!

The strength of the title is its availability: being free and not requiring any platform except the smartphone, the game managed to bring even those who knew little about the world of cute little monsters closer together.

At the same time, the game allowed the company to win thanks to the formula at its core because, despite the free nature of the title, it is possible to make many purchases through microtransactions inside.

How to get started in Pokémon Go with Pikachu

Did you imagine similar growth in the business? Are you still using the smartphone title that allowed you to reach these milestones?

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