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Podcast 10×10: Siri vs Alexa vs Google Assistant

Podcast 10×10: Siri vs Alexa vs Google Assistant

This week we are going to stop to assess the different options that smart speakers offer us: Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Three assistants who are already fighting to dominate the new virtual assistant market who want to occupy our homes. In addition, we also analyze other news of the week in the world of technology, always focusing more on Apple. Are you going to miss it?

In addition to news and opinion about what’s new this week, we’ll also answer questions from our listeners. We will have the hashtag #podcastapple active on Twitter throughout the week so you can ask us whatever you want, make suggestions or whatever comes to your mind. Doubts, tutorials, opinions and reviews of applications, anything has a place in this section that will occupy the final part of our podcast and that we want you to help us do every week.

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As we started last season, this year the Actualidad iPhone podcast can be followed live through our YouTube channel and participate in it through chat with the Podcast team and other viewers. Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications when the live recording of the podcast starts, as well as when we add other videos that we publish in it. Of course it will also continue to be available on iTunes so you can listen to it whenever you want using your favorite Podcasts app.. We recommend that you subscribe to iTunes or Spotify so that the episodes are automatically downloaded as soon as they are available. Do you want to hear it right here? Well, just below you have the player to do it. We also have a playlist on Apple Music with the music that plays on the podcast (yes, we also have it on Spotify…).

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