Plugs of the world, free for a limited time

Once again we return to the fray with a free app that we can download for a limited time not specified by the developer, so that let's download it as soon as possible to be able to take advantage of the offer it temporarily offers us. This week we talked about other applications that were temporarily available for free download, such as Remote Media Player Pro with which we can view, edit or move any file hosted on a server or in the cloud and Voice Recorder Pro which allows us to convert our recordings into text. By the way, they are still available as a free download, at least as of this writing.

Summer is approaching and many users are going to enjoy vacations in distant countries. One of the first things we need to take into account the type of plug and voltage used by the countryto find out if the sockets of our devices are going to be compatible or if we are going to have to go to a hardware store, if I said hardware store and not a shopping center, to buy an adapter with which we can connect the devices that will accompany us on the trip .

Plugs of the world is an application that offers us information about power outlets, plugs and voltage for more than 200 countries and regions. To locate the country we want to consult, we only have to use the search engine so that the application shows us a drawing of the type of socket used with the voltage.

ACDSee Camera Pro, free for a limited time

Plugs of the world has a usual price in the App Store of 2.99 euros. It is compatible since iOS 7.0 and we can install it on our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is also compatible with Apple TV.

traffic jams of the world€4.99Download the app