PlayStation Vue is now available on Apple TV

Sony PlayStation has announced that its PlayStation Vue television service has definitely reached the fourth generation Apple TV, yet another alternative for viewing quality content from the Cupertino company's media center. In this way, PlayStation Vue subscribers are allowed to watch live TV as well as other on-demand content directly from Apple TV. Another audiovisual content app coming to this little Apple media center that started out pretty strong but didn't end up growing as well as it seemed like it was going to.

And it is that to be honest, the Apple TV has scandalous hardware that is not exploited, although it is true that limitations such as the fact that we cannot find a Spotify application for Apple TV are caused by the Cupertino company itself, have no explanation and produce a loss of interesting content. NOTHowever, it seems that Sony is not a direct competitor to Apple, and this allowed it to fully enter its app store for Apple TV, so if you are a PlayStation Vue subscriber and also have a fourth generation Apple TV, you are welcome.

PlayStation Vue costs nothing less than the range between 30 and 65 euros per month, offering different streaming, live and on-demand content, such as games, films and offers such as video clubs. This content can be viewed across many platforms, the main one being the PlayStation 4 system, which has a browser, an app for Spotify, for Netflix, and much more, perhaps making the purchase of an uninteresting fourth generation Apple TV. in case you have a PlayStation 4. In short, one more application that adds to this Apple multimedia center and that will keep you glued to the television.

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