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PlayStation VR: the new next gen viewer arrives in 2022?

PlayStation VR: the new next gen viewer arrives in 2022?

A new Bloomberg report showed that Sony plans to launch the new version of its PlayStation VR headset on the market in 2022. The document focuses on increasing the demand for VR headsets in general, but specifies that Sony, while not part of the current trend, is planning to enter this segment during the 2022 winter holidays.

Sony: new VR headset coming in 2022

In the newspaper report we read that the production of VR viewers and LCD panels has strongly increased throughout 2021, and it is this last piece of information that would lead to an increase in the production of virtual reality headsets. In fact, it emerges that Display Inc. is particularly engaged in the production of these types of panels, which should soon experience a commercial surge.

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Sony in this context is configured as an external element, since it has already confirmed that it prefers the products of the series OLED from Samsung Display for its next generation of virtual reality. Bloomberg, however, seems certain that this production peak will also affect the plans of the Japanese giant, which will aim to launch its PlayStation 5 VR by the end of 2022, in conjunction with the winter holidays.

The first model of PlayStation VR was released in 2016 and a few months ago it reached quota 5 million copies sold worldwide. Numbers that pale if we compare them with those relating to more traditional consoles, but which, having taken note of the niche segment to which they refer, have convinced Sony to invest further in this market.

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On the other hand, the prospects are very interesting and one wonders how PlayStation 5’s next-generation hardware will manage to integrate virtual reality functions. To find out, perhaps, we won’t have to wait long, as long as the new version of the PlayStation VR really arrives in 2022.