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Playstation points to mobile? Yes, according to a Sony job offer

Playstation points to mobile? Yes, according to a Sony job offer

It seems Sony is looking at the mobile gaming market with some interesta job offer for a new dedicated executive for Playstation Studios. The notice reveals the company’s desire to bring its most famous titles to smartphones.

Playstation expands to mobile?

From the job offer published by Sony it is clear that the Japanese giant is looking for a new executive, whose work will be focused on transpose the most famous gaming franchises from Playstation on mobile devices.

Not surprisingly, that the ad does not mention specific video games or timelinesbut interestingly, the new head of the mobile division is expected to develop a structured strategy between three and five years.

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While many other companies have already understood for some time that the mobile market is extremely profitable, Sony has never shown that it wants to bet particularly, if not with a few isolated cases such as Uncharted. However, this does not mean that the company has never attempted to enter the sector.

In fact, Sony has a long history of attempts, generally unsuccessful, to combine the Playstation brand with smartphones, just think of the project.‘Xperia Playa “Playstation” phone that represented a sensational hole in the water, despite the ambitious concept.

In any case, it is not difficult to imagine the reason for this interest in the mobile market. In this way Sony would be able to propose its video games of points to one drastically larger audience of playersnot to mention the possibility of monetizing through in-app purchases.

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The challenge that the Playstation mother will face will be to identify the right strategy to land in the digital stores of mobile platforms, but not only. According to the job offer the games will have to keep the elements that make them unique on consoles, a condition that is not easy to comply with if we consider that Sony IPs are extremely complex products from a technical point of view.