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PlayStation officially acquires Housemarque, the creators of Returnal

PlayStation officially acquires Housemarque, the creators of Returnal

Sony PlayStation has just acquired Housemarque, the development studio that produced Returnal, the exclusive Ps5 roguelike. The software house has produced many titles for the Japanese giant over the years and has been active since the PlayStation 3 era and after years it has officially joined the PlayStation Studios.

PlayStation acquires Housemarque

Finnish development studio Housemarque began operations way back in 1995, and the playful core of their products has always been that of high-difficulty arcade games. In the curriculum of the software house we find Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, Matterfall and Resogun, the latter particularly appreciated, given that it is part of the PlayStation Plus offer.

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Housemarque’s career came to a halt in 2017, when development of the Returnal, the recent roguelike title released exclusively on PlayStation 5 that has been widely appreciated by audiences and critics. The latest effort of the team must have also liked Sony, given that a few hours ago Herman Hulst, director of PlayStation Studios, officially announced the acquisition of Housemarque.

The developers of Housemarque said they were very satisfied with their agreement with Sony, specifically Ilari Kuittinen said: “We are thrilled to finally join the PlayStation family! This allows us to look forward to a clear future and gives us the opportunity to develop gameplay-centric games that we have become famous for. We will continue to experiment with new ways to tell our stories, testing the limits of the video game as a medium ”.

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It’s unclear if the studio already has a new project on its hands, but given the success of Returnal it would not be strange to imagine the team working on the next game, perhaps a product with strong arcade features like the first titles of the software house. We just have to wait to find out.