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PlayStation: Jim Ryan confirms that he is aiming for cross play

PlayStation: Jim Ryan confirms that he is aiming for cross play

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony PlayStation, said that the company’s goal is to break down the boundaries between players, promoting the cross-play function between playful ecosystems. Although it took years before the Japanese giant adopted this practice, the company now seems ready to bet everything on this functionality.

Sony PlayStation aims for cross play

In an interview with Axios editors, Ryan stated that Sony “encourages and supports the cross play function”, citing games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Minecraft and Destiny 2which is about to be updated with the implementation of this very feature.

Despite the CEO’s words, it is important to point out that Sony has always been reluctant to adopt this type of policy. In fact, cross play in the PlayStation ecosystems was only introduced with the arrival of PlayStation 5while it was already present for years on consoles from Microsoft competition.

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This change of course by the Japanese giant comes shortly after some controversial statements from the CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford, who stated that the Borderlands 3 cross play would not have been active on Sony consoles due to the reluctance of the company. Pitchford explained that the new update for the shooter is ready but that Sony users could not make use of it.

Ryan was very vague on the matter by simply specifying that Sony’s policy on cross play applies to all publishers. Although the future of cross play on Borderlands is still not entirely clear it seems that PlayStation will finally see this feature implemented in a massive way; a nice paradigm shift compared to a few years ago, when such a perspective was completely out of the question.

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We just have to wait for further details on this.