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PlayStation Italia: a mysterious tweet of an event appears

PlayStation Italia: a mysterious tweet of an event appears

The Twitter account of PlayStation Italia has just anticipated the arrival of an unspecified event via a tweet, which invites players to put on their headphones and get ready to go. The message was then promptly removed and is probably part of some kind of local event, albeit many point fingers at a conference Sony on the way.

PlayStation Italia: the enigmatic tweet

It is very likely that the message in question was related to some type of local Italian event, almost certainly related to the National football teamwhich is partner of the PlayStation brand for this 2021. Alternatively it is plausible to imagine that this is a concert, since the place referred to headphones.

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However, more imaginative rumors would like this message linked to the next Sony conference, which is still undated and highly anticipated among the fans of the brand. An element that seems in this direction is the fact that the Japanese giant has just filed the PSX brand, while several insiders point to July 8 as a candidate date for the conference.

Obviously it is plausible to speculate at this point that Sony intends to announce the new version of PlayStation Experience, given that all the elements available to us coincide. Of course, however, it must be taken into account that, if this were Sony’s goal, we would not be talking about a simple State of Play, but a much more structured conference.

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Also in this case it is not a possibility to be discarded a priori, given that Sony has always skipped E3 and it may have a massive amount of news in store for us. For the moment, however, this is all we know, as the information available to us is severely limited. What is certain is a confirmation could be imminent.