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PlayStation Direct Comes to Europe: Is PlayStation 5 Easier to Find?

PlayStation Direct Comes to Europe: Is PlayStation 5 Easier to Find?

During the past few hours, the official confirmation has arrived, the PlayStation Directwhich is the official store of Sony, is also officially opening in Europe. The arrival of PlayStation Direct in Europe at this time of the year is a clear sign that the Japanese giant is preparing to mass distribute consoles PlayStation 5 on the occasion of Christmas; let’s take a look at the details.

PlayStation Direct opens in Europe

According to Sony, the first branch of the PlayStation Direct is already operational in Germany, as announced by the German division of PlayStation. An announcement that is not surprising so much for the initiative itself, as for the speed of putting the plant into operation, already ready to operate on the national territory. But it doesn’t stop there.

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Many other branches are expected to open in the coming months, starting with Great Britain, which will be the first to welcome the digital store after Germany, while later they will also join the list France, Luxembourg, Netherlands And Belgium.

As you have surely noticed, Italy is missing, which is not mentioned in any of the press releases currently distributed on Sony’s official channels. The reason for this choice by the Japanese giant is not clear, given that the demand for PlayStaion 5 in Italy is at least comparable to that of other European states, so the suspicion is that the reason lies in other shores.

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Either way, it seems Sony is putting some really important resources into play to get its next gen console installed in as many homes as possible.

PlayStation 5: how is the situation?

Given that the official Sony store is designed specifically to buy consoles and accessories directly from the videogame giant, obviously included PlayStation 5, it is clear that this is an operation aimed at making it easier to purchase the next generation console. The site, however, is strong with an anti scalper system, which in theory should not be able to make money on new copies of the device.

But Sony’s efforts to please fans despite everyone don’t stop there. A few days ago, in fact, the news that the company is deploying a full-fledged fleet of PlayStation 5-loaded planesjust to make up for the lack of consoles that currently afflicts the market.

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Of course this will not solve the problem in the long run, but it is likely that at least for the Christmas period it will be easier to buy a PS5 without having to opt for the bizarre bundles that specialized ratailers continue to necessarily offer to potential users.

Meanwhile, the micro chip crisis seems destined to last for the whole of 2022, and it is not yet clear when it will end.