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PlayStation 5 updates. The news of the April 2021 update

PlayStation 5 updates. The news of the April 2021 update

PlayStation 5 prepares forApril update. This is the first major system update for PS5, available worldwide starting tomorrow and designed to bring two important features to the next-generation console: the ability to save games on compatible external USB drives and the use of cross-gen Share Play.

PlayStation 5, the April 2021 update

PS5 stocks continue to run low but the development team does not stop working hard on the software front. In fact, from tomorrow the first full-bodied PlayStation 5 update will arrive.

PS5 games now save to external hard drives

The first big news is the possibility of transfer PS5 games to external storage, connected via USB. All this will allow you to expand the available space without having to modify the console’s internal hardware.

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But be careful: save them but don’t play them. The PS5 SSD in fact guarantees very fast loading and consistent performance during gaming sessions, which is why games can only be stored externally but cannot be started from there.

So what’s the point? On the one hand freeing the SSD, on the other allowing a quick reinstallation on the internal solid state drive, without having to re-download your favorite titles from scratch. It will also be possible to decide whether to reinstall the whole game or just a part, for example multiplayer only or single partner only.

If you want to learn more and find out in detail how to use external hard drives, you can visit this page which also includes the requirements of the storage devices as not all will be compatible with the Sony console.

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The new social features

PS5 players can now allow friends who own PS4 to view their game screen or even try PlayStation 5 games thanks to the new cross-gen Share Play.

It will also be possible to participate in cross-play game sessions, even activating a shortcut that allows you to quickly invite friends to play with you without wasting time.

PlayStation 5 April update: other news

The news ofPS April update5 does not end there. THEThe Game Base menu has been improved to allow faster access to important content and features, such as activating and deactivating party-related notifications.

There also comes the possibility of quickly change the game chat or turn down the volume of other playerswhile on the gaming front comes the possibility of pre-download updatesi when the console is on or in sleep mode.

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L’PS5 April update It also brings with it the ability to customize the game collection, to zoom the screen and to capture game screens associated with trophies only for important milestones, such as Gold and Platinum.

The new features of the PlayStation App

After thePS5 April update the companion app will also arrive. Recently the ability to add games to the wish list, to be updated when friends are online and to change the status of the console has been introduced but that’s not all. You will be able to use the PlayStation App join a multiplayer session on PS5 from the app, manage PS5 console storage, compare trophy collections with friends and order content from PlayStation Store.

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We remind you that the app is free and available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.