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PlayStation 5: Sales continue to increase, despite everything

PlayStation 5: Sales continue to increase, despite everything

Despite the shortage of PlayStation 5 onmarket continues to be a painful reality, sales of the console continuing to increase, given that the units sold reached 13.4 million total. Games for the console also saw a moderate increase in sales which rose to 74 million compared to 63 in the last quarter.

PlayStation 5: Sales continue to increase

Despite what was reported at the beginning, it seems that Sony reported a slight decline in profits, despite the increase in overall sales. Although this seems a contradiction, the phenomenon is due to the less incisive presence of first party products, instead of those developed by third parties, which are by their very nature less profitable by the Japanese giant.

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At the same time, Sony also specified that the lost earnings are partly due to the pricing of the PlayStation 5, which in some countries is set at a lower value than the cost of production, leading the company to actually sell at a loss to encourage the spread of the her installed base.

Despite the decline in quarterly revenue, Sony’s gaming division appears to be sitting on a pretty solid footing. Last August the CFO of Sony, Hiroki Totoki, told investors that its PS5 sales target is set above the 14.8 million units achieved by the PlayStation 4 in its first year of life. Based on the figures shared today, PS5 sales are not far from reaching that milestone.

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The company also said it has secured enough components for 22.6 million units, to be released by March 2022. Such a number would be enough to meet its ambitions, but much will depend on how winter sales go and, in part, also on retailers currently operating in semi-irregular regimes.