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PlayStation 5 on sale again on the MediaWorld site? Not really

PlayStation 5 on sale again on the MediaWorld site? Not really

PlayStation 5 available on the MediaWorld website? Not yet but new supplies are on the way. The electronics chain has in fact announced, with a post on Facebook, that it is waiting for a new wave of consoles, sharing with users a series of tips to be able to bring home a brand new PS5.

PlayStation 5 available from MediaWorld: just missing

Grab one PlayStation 5 it is still a difficult undertaking. 6 months after the launch, stocks continue to be reduced which translates into two different behaviors of the fans: on the one hand the renouncers, willing to wait a few more months or even to change the platform, on the other those constantly on who goes there to find out when new consoles will arrive and how to buy one.

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If you belong to the last lineup, prepare your thumb and credit card, why? MediaWorld just announced the arrival of a new wave of PS5. The post, published on the official Facebook page, reads as follows:

“PlayStation 5 is about to be back in our catalog. To prepare for the purchase, register immediately to the My MediaWorld personal area on mediaworld.it. If you are already registered, please make sure your shipping and billing information is up to date. Keep following us and get ready! “

At the moment, therefore, we do not have a precise date that can tell us when PlayStation 5 will actually be available on the MediaWorld store. In the meantime, however, you can play a couple of o’spreliminary operations that simplify the purchase: first of all you will have to register on the site and then you will have to enter all your data so as not to have to do it later, thus losing precious minutes. Then remember to stay logged in on MediaWorld and keep it handy the link to the PS5 page, where the console will presumably appear once on sale.

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Ready to buy yourself a PlayStation 5?

UPDATE OF 6/05/2021

MediaWorld seems to have backed off. The post published yesterday on the Facebook page has been deleted. There is therefore no longer any reference to the imminent availability of PlayStation 5 on the site of the well-known e-commerce chain, which shattered the hopes of gamers. But all is not lost.
In response to a comment received on the page, the company explains that next week will come a new communication related to the sale of PS5.

Probably something went wrong during the shipment phase with the arrival date in the MediaWorld warehouses delayed compared to what was initially estimated.
Don’t panic then.
Keep following the page and have your credit card ready.