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PlayStation 5: new firmware update coming soon

PlayStation 5: new firmware update coming soon

PlayStation 5 is about to receive a new system update, in particular to update this time will be the firmware of the console. Although the official wording only mentions a generic performance improvement, it is very likely that this new firmware version will introduce a number of other silent changes.

PlayStation 5: A new firmware update is coming

Sony will probably also update its official page about the PS5 system update with the release notes soon. The current PS5 firmware version is 21.01-03.20.00. The system update was released last month and it brought operating system performance improvements along with various fixes.

The PlayStation 5 has been available worldwide for more than a year now. As reported in April of this year, since the launch of the console, they have been sold over 7.8 million units until March 31, 2021, while 3.3 million units were shipped in the first 3 months of 2021.

  Sony lights up Piazza San Marco for the launch of PlayStation 5

The success of Sony’s new generation is therefore undeniable, even if so long after its launch it still remains rather unobtainable on the market. In fact, the semiconductor crisis shows no signs of diminishing in intensity and even with the console’s Christmas shipments, many users are destined to remain dry-mouthed.

The hope is that with the new year the situation will begin to unblock, even if many experts in the sector have already predicted that the shortages along the production chain are destined to last at least until 2023.