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PlayStation 5 is nowhere to be found: users focus on the PC

PlayStation 5 is nowhere to be found: users focus on the PC

According to what emerged from a new report by BloombergSony would currently be in serious difficulty with regards to the production of PlayStation 5. Precisely for this reason it seems that the production quota for this fiscal year has been reduced by a good one million total units. Apparently, however, users who have not managed to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 are increasingly falling back towards a Gaming PC.

PlayStation 5 is not found: users are betting on the PC

The same Bloomberg report that explains the reasons behind the decrease in terms of production volume of the PlayStation 5, also entered into the merits of the general feeling of users, or all those who in the past were used to playing in a Sony playful ecosystem. According to shared data, these gamers are increasingly migrating to PC versions of video games.

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The reason could be the frustration due to the inability to easily buy a PlayStation 5 console, even today, a year after its launch, victim of scalping and not exactly transparent sales formulas. These elements have ensured that the PS5’s installed base is still relatively low, despite the excellent sales seen in the first months of launch.

The report also points out that the PlayStation 5 brand is struggling to establish itself on the Japanese market, especially due to the lack of titles that can be played exclusively on Sony’s new platform. In fact, it is still in the land of the rising sun Nintendo Swtich to occupy the first place in the Famitsu ranking.

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Of course, it must be said that Switch in Japan plays at home, since users there tend to prefer the game in portability, given the social and work dynamics that characterize the nation. In short, the future of PS5 appears very uncertain at this moment, also because Sony has declared that the shortage of semiconductors will also last for a good part of 2022.