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PlayStation 5 is back available on Amazon: off to the race to win one

PlayStation 5 is back available on Amazon: off to the race to win one

Attention: the PlayStation 5 is available on Amazon at a price of 499.99 euros and you should run to win it before it is immediately sold out. Be quick as availability is limited and who can say when the next restock will be.

For the PlayStation 5 Amazon page, click HERE.

The hard to find PlayStation 5

In recent months, Sony’s new console has been a cause for gossip why practically impossible to find. The overwhelming majority of fans who have waited for it for a long time were left with a dry mouth, in fact in a very short time it sold out both in physical stores and online. But why is she so coveted? We will explain it to you immediately.

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General characteristics of the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 has undergone several changes compared to the models that preceded it. First of all, the design which has become very modern and minimal but the main improvements concerning the graphics and new PS5 features.

Loading just got even faster with a super high-speed SSD. Thanks to the support for the haptic feedbackto the adaptive triggers and all‘3D audio the game becomes even more addicting. Also, technology too Ray Tracing takes the level of realism to new levels.

The gaming experience becomes even faster and smoother, with a system up to 120 FPS with 120 Hz output on a 4k display. On an HDR TV, compatible PS5 games display a range of vibrant, lifelike colors. Plus PlayStation 5 is supports 8K output. Another feature is the Ultra HD Blu-ray up to 100GB.

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To have the PlayStation 5 at home with fast shipping, you can take advantage of Amazon Prime

If you want to find out more about the Playstation 5 you can read ours article here, where you will also find the link to see the unboxing on our Twitch channel.