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Playstation 5 increases production: Jim Ryan speaks

Playstation 5 increases production: Jim Ryan speaks

If you are one of those desperate to get your hands on a Playstation 5 it could be your lucky day. In fact, Sony’s CEO said in an interview that the Japanese giant has plans to increase production of Playstation 5 over the next few months.

Playstation 5: Sony will increase production

As we all sadly know, the scarce availability of Playstation 5 consoles has been going on since its launch, which took place last November. The situation has been further exacerbated by the poor organization shown by Italian retailers and many have been trying in vain for months to take home the new generation of Sony gaming.

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Of course, the company is well aware of the problem, and the CEO Jim Ryan touched on the subject during a recent interview with colleagues from Wired. Specifically, Ryan explained that an increase in production is planned during the summer and that the company expects players to be able to more easily find a copy around that time.

The CEO was keen to clarify that the situation in which the Playstation 5 distribution is going is not the result of a marketing strategy aimed at making the console “the object of desire”, but that everyone at Sony is working hard to make things better.

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Of course, it must be said that the increase in production could also coincide with a further surge in the so-called scalper, that is the organized groups of users who buy consoles online through the use of bots and then resell them at a higher price. Some groups of these criminals have managed to reap huge profits from the first wave of Playstation 5, and it is plausible to imagine that they will try again, also thanks to the greater economic availability they can now boast.

It would therefore be desirable that, in addition to increasing production, Sony and specialized dealers would make it the security measures for online sales are also more stringentgiven that the current ones have already proved largely insufficient.