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PlayStation 5: beware of the new Lidl contest scam

PlayStation 5: beware of the new Lidl contest scam

In the past few hours, yet another has emerged PlayStation 5-based scam: on Facebook in fact a page called Lidl Italy which is promoting a competition through which it would be possible to win five new generation consoles from Sony. In truth it is a scam, the contest is not real and we invite you not to provide your personal data to the page.

PlayStation 5: watch out for the Lidl scam

Let’s start with the obvious that it is good to make it clear immediately: the account he is promoting this scam has nothing to do with Lidl, since it is a page that clones the official one of the multinational. So no, Lidl is not trying to steal your personal data, which is already evident enough from the description of the post, completely unrelated to the tone of voice of the company. It reads:

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“Are you a playstation addict? the wait is over, we are offering our top 5 lucky winners a Playstation 5 and fans have online access to games, add-on content and more in the Sony Playstation Store. Go here and grab your dream. “

As you have surely already noticed, it is one too colloquial wording for the company, not to mention the presence of real ones Writing Mistakes like PlayStation written with a lowercase “s”. All elements that naturally would not find space in an authentic press release from the multinational. The post refers to a link where the user’s personal data is requested, which of course we strongly advise against doing.

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The post in question is currently sponsored, so it is likely that you will find it on the wall even without having liked the page. If this happens, we invite you to ignore it completely or report it to the Facebook authorities using the appropriate tools.