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Playstation 5: betting and ******** in Sony’s future?

Playstation 5: betting and ******** in Sony’s future?

Sony has just patented a betting system on the Playstation 5 through which you can focus on your favorite eSports athletes. The Japanese giant seems to focus heavily on the export sector and is slowly creating a playful ecosystem that enables players to compete even in games not strictly related to the phenomenon of competitive gaming.

Playstation 5 and esports betting

Sony is looking at the world of betting with interest, or at least this is what emerges from the latest patent filed by the company with the US patent office. The text of the project describes a software system that determines the value of winnings based on a history with the performance of the player you want to bet on, allowing users to bet on in different ways.

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In general the system seems to follow in a rather faithful way the functioning of the betting applications already existing for real sports, with a system that calculates in real time the new odds in relation to the performance of the team or individual players on the field. A document reports an example of what could be a possible bet: “character x is hit in the next minute”, a hypothesis that outlines a certain dynamism of the same.

Going more specifically into the patent, we read: “The system is used to manage the odds for various bets linked to videogame events and related eventswith the presentation of an interactive system focused on the aims and actions performed by the viewer. The odds in question can be determined by analyzing the games previously started by the user“.

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It seems that Sony has plans to invest heavily in the eSports market and in everything that goes around them. A choice that is not surprising, however, and that could be considered as already in place for some time, just think that the Japanese giant has set up several tournaments even on games that are not strictly competitive, such as Sackboy Big Adventure.

******** in Sony’s Future?

At the moment it is difficult to imagine if a controversial practice such as ******** could find space within the Sony play ecosystem.especially when we consider that Ps5 will be a high-consumption gaming platform, once enough of them are introduced to the market.

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Of course, the Japanese company’s purchase of tournaments such as EVO, which have a playful formula very similar to that of the box, seem to point strongly in this direction and It’s not too surprising to think that big publishers are looking to the world of betting as a method of monetization.

Certainly the period is not particularly favorable for such an initiative. On the other hand, the videogame market is already fighting its war against loot box, precisely because of their ********-like nature and it is difficult to imagine a context in which such a move by Sony does not explode in a myriad of controversies and protests.

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Not to mention that many users may think of abandoning the platform, especially families with minor children. Obviously the fact that there is a patent does not mean that this feature will actually be implemented and it could simply be a way for Sony to be prepared in case the world of eSports betting is cleared in the future.