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Plastic pollution: DJJI, AnimaMundi Ocean Data and Lagoon a partnership to reduce the problem


Plastic pollution: DJJI, AnimaMundi Ocean Data and Lagoon a partnership to reduce the problem

DJJI, AnimaMundi Ocean Data and Lagoon together for one goal: to try to intensify the measurements of plastic pollution to create a global and comprehensive database that helps the world to fight this phenomenon.

Plastic pollution and a new technology to fight it: what happens in detail

DJI, AnimaMundi Ocean Data Solutions and Lagoon are using drones to “open” the world’s first comprehensive database of coastal plastic waste. A process that began with drones piloted by sailors and surveys that took place in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), an initiative that started in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) on 21 November.

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, DJI is supplying drones to Lagoon to carry out measurements also in the Caribbean areas and, taking advantage of the push of COP26, try to accelerate this process all over the world as quickly as possible, so as to be able to start “phase 2” of the project: that of the study and reduction of plastic pollution on all planetary coasts.

There is talk of 300 million tons of plastic produced every year, of which at least 8 million tons end up in the oceans, creating a total of 80% of all marine debris (including 33,000 single-use plastic bottles).

How to solve the problem?

Using cutting-edge technologies: artificial intelligence applied to its maximum, with new generation tools and software capable of recording everything in an ultra-precise and instantaneous way.
In today’s digital world, big data reigns supreme and AnimaMundi, thanks to the collaboration with Lagoon and DJI, will be able to provide this necessary information to those involved in projects for the “health of the oceans” allowing for a measurable and results-oriented for the numerous investments made.

The word to the experts

Matt Cooper, founder and CEO of AnimaMundi, expressed himself as follows: “Shortly before the start of COP26, world leaders admitted that the annual funding target of $ 100 billion for climate-related issues will not be reached until 2023. The need for urgent action for the environment may however, be satisfied with the need to guarantee adequate and effective financing solutions. Big data like these will help determine the priorities for interventions “.

Thomas Gailly, director of the Lagoon brand, said: “Lagoon is proud to partner with AnimaMundi in this exciting data collection initiative using our“ Club Lagoon ”as part of the solution. We have over 6000 of our catamarans sailing all over the world and we can sense that our users will be more and more willing to participate in such initiatives. It is inspiring to think that the Lagoon community can be involved in acquiring this much needed data, in a highly efficient manner. This partnership is the perfect complement to our policy of respect for the environment and all the work undertaken to reduce the environmental impact of our activities ”.

ORlivier Mondon, Senior Communication Manager of DJI Europe, said for his part: “Our drones and cameras allow people to take photos, videos and capture high-end professional images in every corner of the world. Every day we learn how drones benefit society as a whole and we are proud that our drones are instrumental in this environmental initiative in the hands of experienced navigators who will be able to work using second-hand products to enable data acquisition from the inestimable value “.